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Page 16 Movie Review

A business tycoon’s beautiful yet pig-headed daughter falls for one of his average-looking married employees, Ajay.
In a moment of weakness, Ajay engages in a fling with the hottie but tries to steer clear of her when she gets pregnant.

However, after her death, Sanjana’s disgruntled spirit comes back to haunt the Khuranas and what ensues is a series of typical Bollywood-style horror scenes and sequences that are at times laughable, but mostly make you cringe.

The script of this supposed-horror thriller, has absolutely no thrill nor does the narrative have any chilling, paranormal activity.

‘Page 16’ is riddled with cliches and is testament to the fact that Hindi horror movies, even with today’s advanced CGI effects, have a long way to go in terms of good storylines and execution.

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