Govinda: Relived Good Old Times With Salman

Govinda: Relived Good Old Times With Salman

With their fallout behind them, Chi Chi shoots Bigg Boss special episode with Sallu.

Their fallout may have been fodder for gossip mills over the past few years, but Govinda and Salman Khan showed that their friendship was for keeps as they shot together for Bigg Boss yesterday. Govinda made a special appearance on the reality show as part of promotions for his next, FryDay.

A crew member reveals, “There was no animosity between them. Before the shoot, Salman and Govinda spent a lot of time catching up with each other. The latter was also accompanied by his daughter Tina. Once the camera started rolling, the two were back to taking good-natured jibes at each other.”

Given their easy camaraderie, it is not surprising when Govinda says that their spontaneity shone through during the shoot. “It was great shooting with Salman after such a long time. He is like a brother to me. I came completely unprepared for the shoot, but it went off better than we expected. We relived the good old times together,” says the actor.

Khan had roped in Govinda for Partner (2007), thus giving the latter’s career a major boost. However, it was then suggested that Khan had gone back on his word of launching Tina, leading to a rift between old friends. Govinda had later clarified that he is open to working with the superstar if the right script comes their way

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