Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant, who owns a property worth 30 crores, earns only crores of rupees from small business.

Rakhi, who started his career with the film ‘Agni Chakra’, has given many hit item socks in Bollywood. Not only that, he is in discussions with his talks in the media, but more than that he is in the gossip due to his poor clothes. Rakhi Sawant has also launched the reality show “Rakhi Ka Swaywar” in the reality show world. Rakhi has also married a participant from Toronto in this show, which was launched in 2009, and Rakhi also announced her separation after a few months.

Rakhi Sawant’s father, Anand Sawant, was a constable in Mumbai Police. She lives with her mother Jaya in Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant talks about breast donation in her bold statements, and sometimes bold photos on social media show her fans beautifully. Talking about Rakhi’s property, he has two flats in Mumbai and a bungalow with close proximity worth 11 crores.

Not only this, the figures on the Internet are believed to be Rakhi’s property worth around 30 crore and he himself owns the property. Rakhi also has a Ford Endeavor car worth Rs 21.6 lakh. Rakhi’s earnings come mostly from stage performance. Apart from this, Rakhi has a lot of work to do in the headlines due to her new new statements.

Talking about recent controversies, Rakhi has gone after Tanushree Dutta after washing her hands. In the dispute between Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta, Rakhi Sawant took the favor of Nana and said bad things to Tanushree..for whom Tanushree Datta had made a case of defamation of 10 million on Rakhi Sawant.

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